A bit about me

When I was a kid, I was convinced that broccoli had eyes. While I'd like to think my deductive reasoning skills have changed for the better, my insatiable curiosity for understanding food and our endlessly entangled relationship to it has only grown stronger. I look at food philosophically, economically, nutritionally, scientifically, historically, poetically, and while every lens provides deeper insight into a web of complexity, I consistently find myself extracting the same belief that if we get our food right… a lot of other good will follow.

If we want to get technical, I have a BS in Agricultural Sciences from Cornell University. Since graduating, I have managed farms across the country, cover cropping my heart away to remediate depleted soils. I have redefined what it means to have a yard by replacing sod with native plants, vegetables, and pollinator friendly gardens. And most recently, I've tried my hand at running my own business.

My goal is to revitalize our relationship with food through encouraging everyone to have a garden, cook with their bounty, and share a laugh or two over a hot plate of earth-grown goodness.

A short list

Say hi! Reach me at [mapitney @ gmail dot com]